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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Staying Cool At Hurricane Alley Waterpark

One of the places my boyfriend and I visited while on vacation was Hurricane Alley waterpark located in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was hot and we wanted to go somewhere to cool off.

We met some people we know. We got a cabana together. 

A cabana is basically a place you pay for that makes sure you have a spot to sit down and relax. Plus, you have the option of basic tv. Unless you wish to pay for a movie or channel like HBO. You also have a personal cooler. That includes one free bottle of water per person in your group. You can get other things but it depends on the price you pay. You have a wait staff who will serve you any food or beverage and bring it to you. As you sit down.

I did pose for a quick picture in my bathing suit. What a class act! Lmao. I got a quick photograph of my boyfriend too.

The bar in the pool. You can lounge on a bar stool sitting in the water. As you order an alcoholic drink. Kids are not allowed to sit at the bar.

My friends and I all shared a few different flavored margaritas. Luckily it was my birthday. So, my friends paid for all mine.

This is the biggest water slides the place had. I actually walked all the way to the top of it with my boyfriend twice. I was out of breath and plenty glad there were lines for us to wait. I don't think my bad leg would of been able to take it otherwise.

Each set of slides was set up to where it had a slide beside it. That way two people could go down at once. That makes standing in line less.

The place holds a splash area outside of the gates to get in. Anyone in the area can access the splash area and not have to pay to use it.

A sign as a remember to the tourist not to feed the seagulls. As some people in the picnic area always tries to do. 

Seagulls can get aggressive and less fear of peopel when you offer them food. To the point they will come take it from you. If they can't get it. They poke your head or hand for you drop for them to get it.

There were more things to do at the Hurricane Alley waterpark. My favorite was the lazy river. Where you climb on a raft and float around in a lazy river. You enter the lazy river from the main swimming area. Or through the bar in the pool area. You exit the lazy river on the other side of the place you entered. To enter it again, you must go through the people in the main swimming area. 

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