Monday, June 13, 2016

Playing With New Pet Toys

I picked up a few toys for the dogs and cat. I figure since I tend to spoil the dogs by always picking up a new toy or treat from the stores. It is time I start doing the same with the cat. 

I picked up a few tennis balls that were made for dogs for Rascal and Moose. I tossed out one at a time and off the dogs went after them. Rascal decided to hide the balls he grabbed in the blanket on the couch. that didn't last long before he moved them somewhere else. As the cat was trying to get them.

Kit Kat did not like Rascal guarding the tennis balls. It was time to start putting her toys out one by one. 6 came with bells. She played for hours batting the balls with bells around. She didn't see to care to much for the blue shiny balls. rascal chase the balls til he heard the bell. Than he ran the opposite way.

Kit Kat and Rascal plays together often. Rascal will be sitting on the arm of the couch or love seat. Kit Kat will jump up out of no way and swat at him and duck. rascal will look over the arm of the couch at the floor. She will pop up and do it again. Than run to her room. Rascal will follow. Next thing you know Rascal comes running back to the arm of the couch or love seat. Only for the cycle to begin again.


  1. I love to watch animals play with each other.

  2. Nice to see the kitty getting spoiled too.

    Glad that the pooch and the purr box play nice together too. My cats and dogs, even those raised together, have never had much love for each other.


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