Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Death Of Harambe

Recently, a small child fell in to the enclosure of a silverback gorilla at a zoo. The gorilla was shot and killed. As the zookeepers called the gorilla out of the enclosures. The females did leave. However, Harambe, the male did not. 

People are upset about Harambe death. They have every right to be. As we take animals out of the wild or are rescues to be placed in zoos. We are the animals keepers. If we place them in zoos. We must make sure there is no way for a young child to crawl in an enclosure to get near the animals. In this case it didn't happen. We are to protect the animals and give them as close as we can of quality of life or better. As they would be living in the wild. Zoos have really improved over the years. However, this one seem to be missing something.

The male silverback gorilla in the wild doesn't help in the care of the young ones. He does help them with socialization and plays in their games. If their mother leaves the group or dies, the male silverback will look after them. He will allow them to sleep in his nest.

After watching the video it seems to me the gorilla is being gently to the boy. He is taking an interest. However, things could of been much different if the boy would have reacted in a different way. As silverback gorillas will kill young males in their group in the wild if they are disobedient. If this boy would not have listen to the gorilla. He could of easily been hurt or worse killed.

I think the zoo took the right precaution by killing the gorilla with a boy's life at stake. I do find it a real sad moment in our history of zoos.

I also think the parents should've been paying more attention to their child. I do realize the parents had four children. One as recently as January. Which can make things hectic.

I know things happen fast. As I have three children of my own. Plus, a grandson who is quick on his feet. However, in this case it was no accident. The child was not being watched properly by the parents. The child got in an area where nobody should of got to.

In my opinion, the parents should receive the bill for the death and cost of the gorilla. Maybe next time they will pay more attention to their kids. So, it doesn't happen again.

The death of this gorilla was senseless. It would of never of happened if someone would of been watching their kids more closely. 

If you agree, please sign the petition to get Justice for Harambe below : 


Photos from Pixabay, a free use photo website.

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