Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rascals The Chiahuahua Mix New Out Fit

For my 'Wordless Wednesday' post today I want to share photos of Rascal and his new outfit. I even managed to get a close up. Rascal doesn't look so tiny in his close ups.

Rascal relaxing on mommy's lap.

Front shot of Rascal's new outfit. Plus, his dirty mouth mommy didn't notice til after taking this photo. lol.

Rascal looking in the camera thinking,"Why does mommy keep pointing this thing at me?"

A close up of rascal's shirt. To be able to see the color better. I love this color of blue. rascal does wear it well.

Selfie of Rascal. He sits so well when I take photos.

Last photo of close up of Rascal. Can you tell there is a dog  in the picture under all that fur?

I decided to share in a black and white scale. As we all know how close ups tend to show the worse in photos. No matter what effect I tried. It made his fur look a yellow or a dark brown. Which is not his coloring at all.

One thing I noticed with photos, some look better in black and white.

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