Saturday, April 30, 2016

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day 2016

Today is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day. It is to bring awareness of all the animals in shelters throughout the United States.  Every year, there are an estimated amount of 3 to 4 million animals in shelters looking for a forever home. 

Unfortunately, if a shelter animal can not find a forever home. The unthinkable happens. They will be put to sleep. Shelter animals can put to sleep for a number of reasons. The main reason is overcrowding. The demands for shelter pets do not meet the supply. Sadly, there is not enough space. One must be put to sleep to make room for new shelter animals coming in.

An animal can be held for several days before it is put to sleep. However, if it is an owner surrender. It can be immediately. Black and bully breeds (pit bull, mastiff, rottweiler, etc.) coming in to shelters are a death sentence. As they are hard to adopt. If one comes in with a sniffle, it is automatically put to sleep. In order to prevent an outbreak in the shelter.

Excuses people give when surrendering an animal to an animal shelter : 

1. I'm moving or getting a divorce.
2. The dog is bigger than I anticipated.
3. I don't have time for him.
4. She won't stop chewing on things.
5. I don't want the stress of finding a home.
6. I'm having a baby.

Why should you adopt a shelter pet?

Adopting a pet from a shelter is cheaper than buying from a breeder. As shelter dogs are not only mixed breeds and mutts. I know of a breeder who will surrender a litter if they have to many. Or if all are not bought by a certain age. 

Your adopted pet will be fully vetted before you adopted it. That means the animal will be current on all shots, spayed or neutered to prevent more unwanted litters. Plus, be microchipped. 

I could go on and on about reasons why you should adopt a shelter pet. However, I won't. I will say the main reason why you should adopt from a shelter : You're the animals last hope before death. 

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