Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blue Buffalo Pet Food Class Action Suit

The dog food company has agreed to pay out 32 million dollars in order to settle that it falsely claimed their products were free of poultry by products, wheat soy, corn, and artificial preservatives

The 13 lawsuits that claim there is ingredients found through an investigation. One lawsuit claims they paid higher prices for the dog food. As they were mislead by false advertisements that Blue Buffalo was a quality choice compared to other marketed brands. 

Blue Buffalo stands by it's labels and denies doing anything wrong. They have agreed to the settlement to avoid further litigation.

Class Actions members includes Americans who purchased products between May 2008 and December 18. 2015. You can claim from $5 up to $200 depending if you have proof or not of purchase. It can take up to seven years for payout.

To learn more about this claim go to :  https://www.petfoodsettlement.com/

To put in a claim.

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