Thursday, July 23, 2015

ABC Emotional Challenge "U" - Understanding, Unique

For this week's ABC Emotional Challenge, the letter is "U". It is the 21st letter and the last vowel of the English alphabet.

Some of the words I wish to use on my blog today are : Understanding, unique, and unusual.

Understanding means to have the ability to understand something. 

Unique means one of a kind, unlike anything else.

Unusual means something not common in occurring.

Sometimes in this world of ours. People are born we perceive as unusual and unique. Those type of people need a little extra patience and understanding. My daughter is one of those people. I can't say I have all the answers because I don't. I have made many mistakes along the way being a parent. 

Having a special needs teenage daughter, with a teenage son who is smart enough to take honor classes at school makes parenting hard. As neither child is the same. Both are unique. As unusual as the situation is in my household. I know others out there somewhere are going through the same thing. 

I have not found any support groups for both my childrens needs. One will have the attitude your son is older and smarter. He needs to have more patience and understanding. I get that part, I really do. However, my teenage son has needs he needs met as well.

Another one will say I need to find someone willing to take on responsibility of my daughter. So, I can focus on my teen son's achievements. That way he doesn't get left behind in going to college to become a prosecuting attorney or lawyer. As she is too distracting to the group.

I am having a hard time dealing with meaning both of their needs as a whole. The teens are not going without. They have what they need. My daughters special needs usually takes precedent over my teenage sons. With that being said. I feel he gets left out more often. As she has daily meltdowns that needs attended to. These aren't the typical 10 or 15 minute tantrums a 2 year old does. More often or not it is a couple hours long.

By time I am done with her, I am exhausted. I don't want to have to think about something in dealing with my teenage son. I know I have to. Even if my brain has already started to shut down from dealing with my daughter.

I literally feel like I am going crazy. As I get pulled back and forth between the two. My life isn't easy but I am happy to be  a mother to both of my teenagers. They both teach me as much as I teach them. Being unusual and unique makes me want to try harder understanding their needs as a mother.

Have you felt like you were being pulled in to many directions with your children? Do you have children that are polar opposites? If, so how do you handle it?

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