Monday, May 11, 2015

No, It's Not Okay

Grrr! I was in the middle of a important phone trying to pay an old bill off when my puppy started barking like crazy at something outside. Of course I had to deal with the debt collector first. Once I was able to get them paid in full. I went to see why the puppy was barking like crazy.

My pup was barking at the old lady next door again. Of course she stood to the side of the fence where I couldn't see her. I told the pup to knock it off. The old lady said,"Oh, it's okay." I told her once again that it wasn't okay. As soon as the pup seen me, he came inside and I closed the door.

I wish this lady would leave my dogs alone. They don't like her. She is the only neighbor my dogs literally go off at when they see her. I know she is an older lady who misses her dog. Who passed away a couple weeks ago. However, what she is doing is causing me undue stress.

For one I was on the phone in the middle of important conversation. I couldn't stop what I was doing that second to deal with the pup. The back door was open, so the dogs could come in and out while I was on the phone. Usually I don't have an issue.

For two, my stomach has had a sharp pain since I woke up. Last thing I wanted to do was get up and move again.

Thirdly, she has been told to leave my dogs alone before. To not stand at the fence and try and talk to my dogs or feed them anything. As she has thrown bones and such over my fence without asking first.

I am trying to be a responsible pet owner. However, it is hard when other people interfere because they do things differently.

Photo from Pixabay a free use photo website.

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