Monday, May 11, 2015

A - Z Emotions Challenge : Justified

Sorry I am a couple days late writing this post. I have been busy and completely forgot about this series every Friday. Til it was the weekend. I have a hard time writing this past weekend.

For one I had my grandson friday night. His dad came over Saturday after only having 1 1/2 of sleep. As he had to work in the morning and went out the night before. He pretty much laid around and expected me to continue doing everything for my grandbaby.

I felt justified in letting my son know he had to tend to his son. I let him know he needed his diaper changed. That was no diapers in the diaper bag. I went to the bathroom. I came out and the grandbaby was in the house with my daughter and a friends child, his diaper had not been changed.

I go to my room and grab a diaper that is a size smaller to put him for now. I changed my grandbaby and took him outside where his father was at and placed him in his dad's arms. I went back inside.

I felt justified in giving my grandson to his father. He chose to go out drinking the night before. Knowing he had to work. That doesn't mean grandma will take over his responsibility the next day too. That wasn't the deal.

After my son came back inside. He went out to his truck and got a pack of diapers. Um, what the heck! Really? I thought you wait til after I change your son to get that diapers.

Later that day after going with my boyfriend to do somethings. I picked up the grandbaby and notice he was really hot. As I had bought him some new onesies. Since, my son said he needs bigger clothes. I was putting one on him. I asked for a diaper, as the baby needed changed. My son told me he had just changed him. I said,"Well he needs changed again. His diaper is droopy. He peed."

I asked my son if the baby might be running a fever as his whole body was hot. He told me, "Yeah, he has a fever of 99 point something. I will tell his momma tomorrow." I couldn't believe what he said.

I told him that baby needed some medicine to get his fever down. He told me he didn't have the money after buying his phone. Ugh! I reached for my purse and grabbed the last $5.00 I had. I gave it to my son and told him to buy some medicine for the baby to get his fever down. I also instructed him to get give him a bath to help lower his temperature. I gave him a lecture. He didn't want to take the money. However, I made him. As I was not going to have it on my mind that I could of helped that baby if something happened. That baby needed some medicine to bring that fever down.

I felt justified in giving my son a lecture. I know things have been rough since he split up with his baby's momma. He only gets to see his son every other week. That is no excuse for his poor behavior. That baby must come first at all times. There is no reason he should have been broke not to be able to have enough to get that baby medicine. Espically since he was paid the day before. He forget he told me how much he makes and how much his bills are. He brings in more money in a month than I do.

I felt justified in telling him he needs to get his act together. I wonder if that was why he didn't bother calling or coming over on Mother's day the very next day. Instead he wrote on Facebook. How nice!! At least he remembered.

This series was started by Ruth Cox, a good friend and great writer. To learn more about it. Please click on the photo below.

* This article is a 26 week part series of A - Z Emotions Challenged.

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