Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday #4

Wordless Wednesday is an article or post with few to no words. Can you pull one off? I challenge you to create a Wordless Wednesday.

Not a very clear picture. I mentioned a squirrel that was a white / brown mix. Here it is playing with a brown squirrel. Others in the neighborhood think it looks more like a ferret. You be the judge.

This is photo #2. My boyfriend took it will his smartphone. He had a hard time trying to capture the mixed colored squirrel.

Here are what ferrets look like up close. Nothing like squirrels to me.
On what you have seen through these pictures. Do you think it is possible for a ferret to be loose and playing with squirrels in the neighborhood? Or do you think it is very possible for a squirrel to be mixed with brown and white?

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