Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Geese and Seagulls

If you look real close in this photo. You will see one baby near its parents to the right. The baby goose is at the age to be let loose in the world away from its parents. It is the last one. By time I left I did not see the gosling anymore. It must have founds its way. 

When the snow was melting in NW Ohio, it causes many streams and waterways to overflow. This stream was no exception. As you can tell the water is past the tree line. These trees  do not grow in water.

These type of geese is common in NW Ohio. You generally see them all over Defiance county. At times you will see 100's of them gathered in the same field. or along a body of water. 

I was lucky enough to snap these photos. As my boyfriend and i turned into the graveyard in town to turn around. This stream runs along one side of the graveyard. It runs out back and pours out into one of the two main rivers that meet in town.

This is a photo of a seagull my boyfriend was able to snap a picture of on one of his business trips. It was along the seawall of the Gulf of Mexico.

This post was created for the April 8th challenge which can be found here : Things to do in April.

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