Friday, April 3, 2015

Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate

Who doesn't like Girl Scout cookies with chocolate in them.

My boyfriend and teen loves chocolate and Girl Scout cookies.  Thin mint and tagalongs are my families favorite? Do you have a favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Chocolates my boyfriend bought me for no reason.. Other than he loves me. This chocolates were made and sold by Dove.

Chocolate also comes in flavored ice coffees. This flavor was very good. It was bought at Aldi's.

Strawberries taste great dipped in chocolate. So, do many other fruits.

Oreos with a chocolate cookie dipped in a white chocolate.

Chocolate makes for a great topping on fried ice cream.

Chocolate can be found in many cereals/ Such as "Count Chocula" from in stores around Halloween.

Chocolate is also very tasty over pretzels. You get salt and sweetness all in one bite. 

How do like your chocolate?

Challenge : Write chocolate

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