Monday, March 23, 2015

Something I Am Hiding Challenge

Right now the only thing I am hiding are things for Easter. I have bought my grandsons Easter present online. Since, he is 9 months old. His parents do not want him to have a lot of candy. I choose to buy him a gift instead. Something personalized with his name on it.

I was looking for one like this with a Noah's Ark theme. However, when I went to place the order the site was out of stock. I found the barn theme one instead. I ordered it. It came quick. I have it hidden. That way my grandson or his dad doesn't catch a glimpse of it.

Later on this week I plan on going Easter shopping for my teenagers. I always hit up the "Dollar Tree" before going anywhere else. As they have the cheapest candy. Plus, the little extras I like to stuff in my teens Easter Basket.

Such as : toothpaste, toothbrush, compacted washcloth etc. Plus, other small assorted beauty products. Something to fill the basket it up with other things besides candy. Things I know my teens will need anyways.

Challenge : Write about something you hide and why you hide it.


  1. I bought my 2 year old grandsons Easter basket too. His has a monster truck in it and just two small pieces of candy. I have it hidden at my house.

    1. I bet he will love it. I would rather give agift when they are small. Than load them with candy.


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