Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ireland And Its Folklore

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Ireland is an island in Europe. It is divided into two parts. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Island.

Ireland are covered with low-lying mountains and covered with thick woodlands. 

Ireland's ancient society's were Druids and the Celtics. Which believed in the power of magic.

Ireland known for many folklores.  Such as :

1. Banshee - If seen she was an omen of death. She let out a freakish cry. Whomever heard it would die. King James of Ireland thought he seen a Banshee, he died shortly afterwards.

2. Leprechauns - People of small stature, that liked to play tricks on people and hide a pot of gold. They say at the end of a rainbow. If one is caught, a Leprechaun is to grant 3 wishes.

3. Changelings - Fairies whose babies were born deformed would be switched out with a human baby. As fairies prefer beautiful things. The deformed babies would look like normal babies to humans. The babies would only be happy when bad things happened.

4. Fairies - A fairy can take any form she chooses. They like to cause trouble for any human who crosses their path.

Ireland has more folklores than what I have listed. If you like learning about such thing, it is a good subject to research and look up.

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  1. At least the Irish came up with creative explanations for the diseases they didn't know how to prevent or cure...the "changelings" were people with brain damage or major mental illness. (And celiacs who could pig out and lose weight were said to be haunted by ghosts who were somehow able to digest all that food...)


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