Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Follow Up of what I did this month

The last challenge for the monthly challenge is to write a follow up of what I did for the month of March. I happy to announce I was able to complete another full month of the challenge.

I noticed a couple of other people wrote a few things on my list. Other than that, not much interest in my monthly challenge. It did not deter me. As I posed this challenge to myself. In order to make sure I write every day. Since, I am not currently writing on any writing sites at the moment. Except my niche blogs. I want to keep up with my writing and improve on my writing skills.

I have joined a few newsletters that will help me improve on my writings and photography. I am excited to try them out in my next months writing challenge.

I noticed many people do not like to write about holidays or celebrations. The legends or how they came about. That's cool, I get it. It is a niche for people like me. My next monthly challenge should pose more interest. As it isn't about holidays. It has all sorts of new ideas to write about. Plus, a few that require photographs. As I love taking photos. I want to get back in to taken more and writing about what I take photos of. I decided to add a gadget where anyone who takes on of the next month challenge can add their writing link. Which can be from any writing site. You may want to bookmark that page now.

Spring is finally here in my area. Now if the weather would quit teasing us, it would be nice. However, living in NW Ohio I am aware we can get snow clear in to May from time to time. I remember it snow being on the ground when I was young and in school the last week of school.

Well that is my follow up for this month. Hope to see my dedicated readers next month. Farewell my friends til next time!

All photos were created by rusty2rusty using the online photo editor at Muzy.com

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