Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Few Lamb Facts

Photo from Pixabay
Lamb is the flesh of young domesticated sheep eaten as food, usually under a year old. The meat is made in to many popular dishes. Depending on where you live.

Photo from Pixabay
Many people around this time of year see the lamb as a religious symbol. The lamb represents the innocent. It is mention several times throughout the Christian Bible.

Photo from Pixabay
There are over 1 billion sheep throughout the world. Sheeps usually carry for about four and a half months. Giving birth in the late winter or early spring. Normally only one lamb is born. However, twins are not uncommon.

Photo from Pixabay
Lambs normally stand within an hour of being born. This is normal for hoof animals. Lambs drink milk from their moms for the first two months. Before eating a plant base diet of grass and flowers. Males can start reproducing at 6 months of age, where females take a few more months. 

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