Monday, February 9, 2015

Why is Halloween special to me?

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I have been asked why I am excited about Halloween. Why is it special to me? When Halloween is known holiday for kids to go trick or treating.
Ya know I thought about it. That is a very good question. I am going to tell you why Halloween is special to me.
Halloween is special to me for several reasons.
1. My Chug, Moose was born on Halloween. He will be turning two years old.
2. My anniversary with my significant other is on Halloween. This year will be three years.
To others Halloween is spooky, kooky, and can be scary. To me Halloween is fun, romantic, and a blessing in disguise.
Why do I say that? My significant other is the first man to show me he really cares and loves me.
I wasted fifteen years with the last man who I thought loved me. Only because I heard the words I love you.
I have since learned anyone can tell you they love you. Only those who truly love you will do more than tell you they love you. They will show you as well.
I challenge you to write why Halloween is special to you. I dare you!
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