Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spell Out Love


It is all about love. Spell out the word love, using each letter describing it in some way. Something called a "Acrostic".

Here is my try at it :

L is for love. Love is hard to find. Once you finally find true love. You never want to let it go. When it leaves it hurts to the core.

O is for Open. You need to open your eyes and ears when it comes to friendship and love. Otherwise you can miss your chance in time for true love.

V is for Valentine. I have my Valentine for this year. My boyfriend of three years. I hope you all have or find a Valentine to enjoy.

E is for Everyone. I wish everyone in this world can experience and feel love. Everyone deserves to be loved. Love helps change people for the better.

Challenge - Use the word love, to write a 'Acrostic'.

Photo created at using my own photo.

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