Tuesday, February 17, 2015

PaidViewpoint.com - Survey site that pays

I wanted to tell you about a survey site that pays it's members. PaidViewpoint.com sends a short daily email for members to complete. Usually only 10 short multiple choice questions. Payment is anywhere from 10 cents on upwards to over a $1.00 a survey.

The more you complete the surveys, the more likely you are to be chosen to do the higher paying surveys. The best part, if you can't be at your computer, you can take the surveys on your smartphone.

You first have to verify your Paypal account each time before you can receive payment. once done you will receive an email something like this :

After verifying your PayPal account and cashing out, you will receive another email stating :

Once you have cashed out. Your bank will look like this below. Your current total will go down to zero. It will show Year-to-date earnings. Plus, your lifetime earnings.

Cash out is $15.00, I usually wait til I am at $20 or higher to cash out.

If you haven't join yet, but want to. Please jo9in under my referral link :

Are you a member of PaidViewpoints.com? If so, have you cashed out yet? i would love to hear your experiences. I have nothing but good ones with this company.

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