Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A - Z Challenge G : Garbage

Let's talk about garbage. Do you burn yours or pay to have yours hauled away? I live in the city where I pay to have mine hauled away. It is included in the city water bill.

We do have the option to recycle. I do alot of recycling. So, much that the container provider does not fit it all. So, I started to use extra clothes baskets I had around the house to place the excess recycling stuff. This has helped reduce our garbage out put immensely. As the city will only pick up four bags a week unless you you pay more than the normal fee. I refuse to do that. When I know I can save money by recycling.

Over the past weekend I held a yard sale. My mom and one of my sisters went in with me. The sale went great. After the sale was over, my mom and sister placed what they didn't want to keep along side of the street out with our trash. I placed ads on Facebook stating the stuff was free, come haul away. Take the whole box and not make a mess.

Some people who came and looked at the stuff made a mess. They would throw things on the ground or break them when moving them. My boyfriend went and hollered at them to get out of the trash if they were going to make a mess. Most people were really good and did not make a mess.

Now what was not picked up, went in to our shed til big up day. Which is the first Monday of the month. On big pick up we can still only have 4 bags. But we are allow to get rid of big items. Such as a bed broke down.

Anything as long as it is not grass clippings, tree limbs or construction. What I thought might sell later, I grabbed out and placed in to another pile. As I plan on having a garage sale later this summer.

I have no problem with people picking things up from the garbage. As it saves from filling up the landfill. Another man's trash really can be someone else's treasure.

However, I do believe even picking up trash people need to follow a few rules. Here they are:

1. If it is covered up, stay out of it.
2. If it is a bag, feel or untie the bag. Do not rid it open. Take the whole bag.
3. Do not throw trash or leftovers all the yard.
4. Go through the boxes but place what you don't want back in the boxes. Not on the ground.
5. Do not block traffic. Pull over to the side of the street, or in the driveway. Don't park in the middle of the street.
6. If you are doing it at night, make sure your 4 way blinker is on, so those that come up on you while stopped, can go around you with out stopping.

Just recently, I picked up a rocky chair that someone threw out in the trash. Nothing wrong with it. I really like and have been wanting a rocking chair for years. So, I am not against picking things up that have thrown out. Why would I? It is recycling.

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  1. This reminds me of my mother's neighborhood in Kingsport (she had to buy a house in the neighborhood everyone tries to retire into). The recycling bins set out on Tuesdays, garbage bins on Mondays and Thursdays...and the people who set out perfectly good furniture, on any day, with the *expectation* that people from inside and outside the neighborhood will take a lot of it home. The retired people feel less guilt, someone else saves money, and the city uses less landfill space, so this is clear gain all around.


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