Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween Words - H

I'm on a roll today. Here is another list. This time all the words start with the letter 'H' in a Halloween theme.

What ways do you have to describe Halloween with words that begin with the letter 'H'?
here is my list of Halloween theme "H" words :
Halloween, Hail, hay, hayride, hayloft, haunt, haunted house, house, host, hoover, horror, harlot, howling, hawk, hairy, hollering, haystack, hot, hot chocolate, hair, hat,hair raising, headstone, hobo, hocus pocus, horrible, horrifying, howl, hackle, hag, hallucinate, hollow, headless, horsemen, headless horsemen, heinous, hoax, hex, hysterical, harsh, hiss, hinder, heat, hunch, heavy breathing, hazard, heavy, hide, hooting, hoot, hero, heroic
Challenge : Come up with a phrase, sentence, or poem using 5 to 10 words in this list. If you do, please tag it with +Halloween-words So it can be found through the search option.

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