Thursday, August 6, 2015

ABC Emotions Challenge W : Wacky, Whimsical, etc.

I am writing the ABC Emotions series a day early. As I will be out of town tomorrow to celebrate my daughter's 15th birthday. I am going to take today to talk about her and words that begin with the letter "W".

My daughter has had many ups and downs throughout life. Being special needs, many people consider her weird, wacky, and worthless.

However, anyone will a special needs child is aware there is so much more to a special needs child. They can be warmhearted, whimsical, and wonderful. My daughter has been hurt and wronged by the words of others who do not understand her.

You see my daughter has a cognitive issue. Where she will hear a word like school, and think you said cool. She has severe ADHD and ODD. Where she must take medication. Otherwise, she can become worked up and warlike. One minute she can be weepy and whiny, to happy and energetic, like she is walking on air.

Her body screams teenager,"Hey, look at me." Where her mind is more of a 9 or 10 year old. That needs reminded to clean her face after she eats. Or change her clothes before going out in public because she got something on it. She must be checked to make sure her clothes fit well together. As she has been made fun of in the past for her wacky way in dressing. Thank goodness wearing two different kinds of socks has finally came into style. As she has done that all her life. Big frumpy hats is another part of her wonderful and wacky style. At her age, she still loves to play dress up. 

If you have followed along the past couple of years with my daughter. You would know, it hasn't been easy since she has become a teenager. It took me two years for her psychiatrist to adjust her meds correctly. Since, he finally has. I have got some relief. So, has the school. As I no longer get daily calls to come get my daughter or hear about another trip she had to the office. This year she starts highschool. I fear for the day the meds start to wear off or she refuses to take them. As it is a daily battle to remind her to take her meds.

No matter what my daughter and I has been through. I love her with all my heart and soul. She dances to a different tune. It doesn't make it a bad thing. Other people need to be more open minded and adjust their thinking that everyone is not created the same. They need to try and come down to her level of thinking. The wonders with make you weak in knees for not understanding someone who desperately wants to be like everyone else. Once it all sinks in. You'll understand how special my daughter really is. She is a gift not only to me, but the world around her.


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