Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine Panacke Review

On Valentine's day I made pancakes for my teens and boyfriend. It is something I like to do for holidays. I like to find different flavors of foods to make for my family.

This year I stopped at Aldi's grocery store. I found two different flavors of packaged pancake mixes. One is a pink batter with chocolate chips, the other was a red velvet pancake mix.


Both had icing that was suppose to go on top of the pancakes after they were cooked. However, my teens, boyfriend and I opt to stick with our sugar-free syrup.

I placed the batter of each flavor on the griddle. I added a little butter to help fry them up to a golden brown. A couple of pancakes split in the middle when I was picking them up with the spatula. Maybe I should have made them a little bit smaller.

However, on a scale from 1 to 5. 5 being rated the highest. I rate these pancakes a 5.  I would buy this brand and both flavors again. As I enjoyed both of these pancakes. I do think the velvet ones were more fluffy. So, next time I plan on making these with milk instead of water. That the directions call for.

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