Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov. 4th - Things I am Thankful For

This is my fourth post in this month long challenge. I think I will find a reason to be thankful for the a couple pf things I could turn to rants today.
I am thankful for my front screen door. As I can leave the front door open and not have rain or snow come in like the back door that has no screen door.
I am thankful to woken early from my sleep when someone doesn't take the time to close it completely when they leave in the morning. As it slams in to the house wall from the wind.
I am thankful for my dogs, even thou they decided to place the trash all over the kitchen floor.
I am thankful for Moose giving me extra reason to move to get up and clean the trash up and mop the floor once again. At least i am not sitting idle.
I am thankful Moose has a cage, so cleaning trash up is not a daily routine.
I am thankful for the pains in my lower back. As it lets me know at least a day in advance to stock up on maxi pads and chocolate. Possibly, coffee as well. As Aunt Flow will be here the following day. She arrived right on time this morning.
Photo found through a search on Pixabay for thankful.

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