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Monday, February 20, 2017

Revival, Church Service And A Talk With The Pastor

Church window

This past weekend I was busy spending time with my family. Saturday night my boyfriend, daughter and I went to out to eat. Afterward, we stopped in at a Revival that was going on at a local church. It latest two hours. A Revival is a bunch of singing, dancing, and preaching. You would think my daughter would have been rambunctious. Nope, she sat in her seat quiet as a mouse.

Church window

Sunday morning, my boyfriend, daughter and I attended the church service at the same place the Revival was held. It latest two hours. I was surprised. As any church service, I have attended in the past latest no more than an hour. I am not complaining. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Church window

After the church service, my boyfriend and I had a meeting with the pastor in preparations with the upcoming wedding. I guess I can officially call my boyfriend my fiance'. (Or does that happen after you gets the rings.) The pastor gave us both a little homework. We have to tell him what love means to us. We can't talk about it or discuss it together. As he wants to discuss it in our next meeting together. As we will start out with two ways to love. By time we are done with the talk, our knowledge of love will be the same way. On the same path and thoughts.

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