Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Florida Nature And Animals - Wordless Wednesday 2/8/2017

I decided to show off photos I had taken while I was in Florida.


I hope you enjoyed my Wordless Wednesday post with photos from Florida. A Wordless Wednesday post consists of few to no words depending on the website rules where it is posted.

Photos ©SandyKS akarusty2rusty.


  1. Many critters! I love the moss in the trees.

    1. The moss is one of my favorite things to see down in Florida. There is nothing like it in Ohio.

  2. Not many reptilian around my area. I don't think there big fan of snow.
    Coffee is on

    1. You would be surprised at how many would be in your area. I live in Ohio where it snows and I have an abundance of wildlife visiting my yard.


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