Monday, September 5, 2016

Arctic Foxes

Arctic Foxes

I want to tell you about another animal that lives in extreme harsh weather called the “Arctic Fox”. The weather is very frigid and cold. It can withstand freezing weather up to -70 C (-94 F) before starting to shiver.

The Arctic fox has a pretty coats of fur. The animal is hunted for its different colors in fur. Which are  white (winter months) , brown (summer months), and blue (a recessive gene that sometimes comes out). At one time almost to the point of extinction. The “Arctic Fox” is also known as the white fox, snow fox and the polar fox.

It is native to the northern hemisphere in the arctic regions. Such as the Arctic Tundra, northern Europe, northern Asia, and North America. The foxes range can include northern Russia, Iceland, Canada, Alaska, Hudson Bay, Greenland, Fennoscandia, and other island in the Barents Seas.
It has deep thick fur. It is brown in the summer months but changes color in the winter and cooler months. It size ranges from 18 to 27 inches long. Its bodies shape help minimize heat from escaping.

Arctic fox has to eat to stay alive. It is considered an omnivore. It will eat smaller creatures than itself. Such as lemmings, various seabirds, fish, ringed seal pups,  voles, and waterfowl. Arctic foxes also eat small invertebrates,  insects, seaweed, carrion, eggs, and berries. They will also scavenge leftovers from large preys kills as well. Such as wolves and polar bears.

Arctic foxes will pair up during breeding season. They will stay together and raise the young pups together in an underground den. Breeding happens between April and May. Gestation periods last around 52 days. Litters can range as small as four up to fourteen pups. The largest number in one litter on record is twenty-five. Pups start emerging from the den at three weeks. They are weaned by time they are nine weeks old.

The photos are from Pixabay, a free photo website.

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