Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why I Love My Samsung Phone

I do not own a landline. I have not had one in many years. After I moved back to Ohio from Florida. I bought me a Samsung cell phone. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone. I bought it about a month or so ago. As my last phone, I dropped too many times without a case on it. The battery starts to heat up and the phone heats up within ten minutes. I was afraid it might explode on me. So, I purchased what I have now.

Why I Love  My Samsung Phone
1. The color is black. I have had a white one before. The white one shows all the dinks and scratches. where the color black hides them more.
2. It loads faster than my last Samsung, which was a Samsung Galaxy S3.
3. I use several apps on my phone to save money at the grocery stores.
4. It is the only way I can currently take photos for my blogs.
5. I use the app "Let's Go" to sell things from my home to people living in my area.
6. I have a black leather phone wallet I purchased of the "Wish". (Pictured above). It holds my phone and a couple credit cards.
7. I can use it to call or text my family and friends.
8. I can use my phone to play games or play browse through social media.
9. I am able to download an app to turn the sound up or down on my tv. Plus, turn the channels.
10. I can check my email and switch between my email accounts without logging in and back out. Like I have to do on the computer.

As you can tell my Samsung Galaxy S4 saves me time and money.

Do you have a cell phone you love?

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