Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Birthday Dinner

April 3rd was my boyfriend's birthday. I always take my kids and him out to dinner for their birthdays. At a place of their choosing. My treat.

My boyfriend decided to go to a local Mexican restaurant down the street. I couldn't tell you what the meal is called. As I recently learned how to pronounce it. I haven't learned how to spell it yet. The meal comes with steak, chicken and shrimp mixed in own container. I always choose shrimp. My boyfriend always chooses steak.

The is served with toppings and warm tortilla's on another plate.

Before the meal arrives. We are served chips and salsa. The salsa is spicy. I needs lots of water or sweet tea to wash it down. However, it tastes really good.

Here is a close up of what is served in the container. Remember I only order shrimp in my dish. Not steak, shrimp, and chicken which it calls for in the description of the meal.

Ha, ha my boyfriend evens napped a photo of me. Some how he got a picture without me smiling. Even thou I had a fun time.

I did get my boyfriend  a few things for his birthday. One is a blue shirt with a  cross on it from our local Walmart. I also picked up a case with little draws. That he can use in the shed or garage to store things such as nails and screws in. As he has been using empty coffee cans.

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