Thursday, March 12, 2015

Someone I love

I choose to write about my boyfriend. He is someone I love and is very dear to my heart. The man is loyal to the very end. If he likes you, he has your back 100%, No one can ask for a better friend than him. He will drop everything in a second if he knows a friend needs help.

My boyfriend is a very hard worker. He recently took over full ownership of a maintenance shop. His partner was mismanaging the shop funds.

Now, he is starting out at ground zero. Working long hours with no pay. Barely making enough to cover the bills. It has brought on more stress.

I am praying business will pick up once people start getting their income taxes back. I would really like to see the business flourish as a whole.

Whether the shop makes it or not, I am supporting my boyfriend 100% in his venture. He deserves something good to happen to him.

Challenge : Write about someone you love.

Photo create by rusty2rusty. The photos are of my boyfriend. The girl is me.

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