Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 Things My Significant Other Secretly Loves About Me

I seen a challenge posed by someone asking if we would ask our significant others 5 things they secretly loved about us.

I asked my boyfriend if he could write 5 things that he secretly loves about me after reading what this other member posted. He took awhile but wrote 5 things he secretly loves about me and saved them on notepad on the computer for me to read and use later.

These are the 5 things my boyfriend secretly loves about me (In no particular order) :

1. He loves the fact I do not get annoyed over the small things.
2. He loves that I accept the fact he sometimes needs to leave the house to get things done. Aka : I am not clingy.
3. He loves the look on my face when I am irritated while trying not to smile.
4. He loves the quiet strength I have dealing with the children and life every day even thou he knows I am hurting.
5. The most important thing that nobody else knows that he loves about me. He has never been able to believe that anyone could love him. I have for the past 3 years have been showing and helping him to believe.

When I learnt these 5 things, I felt amazed at the love I could feel radiating from my heart. This man is a simple man. People hurt him alot in life. So, much he was having hard time believing anyone could ever love him. I know how he feels. Before I got with him, I was beginning to believe there was something wrong with me. That nobody but my kids could love me. He has shown me, that true love does exist.

You see without that person writing that post. I would of never asked my boyfriend what 5 things he loves about me. I would of never of seen these things he sees me having as a strength. I would of never realized of how much I have added to his life. To find this out. I feel I owe the person enough gratitude to give them mention and proper credit for giving me the idea for this post. I also wish to tell that member thank you. This has caused my life to be become enriched. So much more than I thought was possible. However, I have no clue who that person was.


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